PES in Mt. Malindang

The Layawan Watershed is considered as one of the largest watersheds in Mt. Malindang, with several studies previously conducted on the area offering helpful secondary data.  For these reasons, the Layawan Watershed was selected as the project site for the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) components of the Ridge to Reef project, including the establishment of a Payment for Environmental Services (PES) system in Mt. Malindang.  Project 2 of the Ridge to Reef Project hopes to attain optimal use of resources within the project area of the Ridge to Reef Project through PES.

The PES Work in Mt. Malindang identified that water services were the most logical environmental service (ES) in Layawan Watershed where PES can be applied since the buyers of these types of services is easily identified.  Furthermore, biodiversity conservation will be covered in the process. 

The focus group discussions conducted determined that the buyers for water services from the Layawan Watershed were the domestic water users.  The survey conducted in Oroquieta City, where the Layawan River drains to, revealed that more than half of the respondents are willing to pay PhP 53.89 to PhP 57.48 per household per month.  In addition, it was initially identified that the ES sellers were the upland communities, from which 97% of the survey respondents said that they are willing to participate in the conservation program. 

Following these results, the PES Work in Mt. Malindang is aiming to proceed with a community-based management planning with ES sellers, and a simulation of the PES scheme.

See description of PES Work in Mt. Malindang by ICRAF.

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